You can find ways to help yourself be okay, even when things in your life are not.  This belief pretty much sums up what I strive for in myself and for my clients.   That is, to have a sense of peace and wellbeing even when things in your life are difficult.  Life can be really hard and honestly, quite unfair at times.   And although we can’t always immediately change the situation we are in, there are ways to be more “okay” in the situation and move toward positive change. Doing this gives us a sense of hope and control, which in turn, helps us feel better. 

I’ve been doing therapy for approximately 14 years and absolutely love this work.  Although I’ve done therapy with many different types of clients, a common theme among them has been feeling stuck and overwhelmed by life circumstances, such as being unhappy in a relationship, infertility, or work issues.  Many of my clients have struggled with a major life transition and were experiencing a great deal of distress and anxiety.  And then some of my clients do not really know why they are experiencing ongoing depression and/or anxiety, they just know that they want to feel better and work toward long-term positive change. Regardless of your situation, it can be overwhelming and discouraging when you know that things are not working but you’re not sure how to fix them.   Therapy can help you figure out what you need to feel better.   

From a personal perspective, over the years I've dealt with health issues, infertility, major life transitions, and grief and loss.  Rather than try to deal with things on my own, I sought the help of various treatment providers, including a therapist.  Just the act of seeking help made me feel better because I felt like I was “doing” something and I felt less alone.   Sometimes it took awhile to feel better, but I was always thankful that I had a support system to ease the process.